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5 Reasons You Should Fix Up Your Roof with XYZ Restorations Before Selling Your Home

You decided to sell your home but noticed that your roof is not in the best shape. Even though potential homebuyers may not see the entire top initially, repairing your roof before going to market can increase the value of your home. XYZ Roofing & Restorations wants to share five reasons repairing your roof now can mean big bucks when you sell your home.

If You Notice Missing Shingles You May Need A Roof Repair

If you notice missing, chipped, or warped shingles, then it’s time to call your local McAllen roofing contractor to help replace your shingles in time to show it to your potential buyers. We will do our best to fix the problem to avoid any other possible issues, such as leaks or water damage.

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The Roof is Sagging

If you notice spots or your entire rooftop sagging or sloping, it is a significant indicator that you may need to repair or replace your roof. Sagging rooftops are caused by moisture and can affect the house’s attic, leading to more issues, such as moss, mold, and leaking ceilings.

Your Roof is Too Old

Another indication that you may need to replace your rooftop is its age. Shingles may typically last anywhere from twenty to twenty-five years. If you know your rooftop is older or has not had much maintenance through the years, it may be time to order a roof inspection.

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There’s Seasonal Damage 

After a cold winter, summer heatwave, or intense rainstorm, your rooftop may have endured significant damage that needs repairing. If the storm damage is too severe, you may need to consider a complete roof replacement.

New Roof Means More Potential Buyers

Replacing a roof may help you acquire the most bang for your buck. Listing your home with a new roof attracts more buyers and increases the value of your home’s listing price.

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