3 Components That Our McAllen Roofing Company Utilizes in Each Project

3 Components That Our McAllen Roofing Company Utilizes in Each Project

As a leading roofing repair company in McAllen, XYZ Roofing and Restorations utilizes several materials, practices, and methods to create solid roofing structures that will last years and even decades (depending on materials used). Three things that our roofing projects share are the components that go into creating the best possible structure for your home or business. Check them out below!


Our roofing company in McAllen designs structures that effectively block water caused by ice damming, normal water flow, and wind-driven rains. Any water seepage can cause damage to a structure over time if ignored or not noticed. This can lead to materials like wood becoming structurally weaker as well as the development of mold.


All roofs should be both structurally sound and look good. We never sacrifice one for the other. With each project we take on, we add a tough and beautiful layer of defense against Mother Nature’s harshest elements. This includes strong adhesion that resists blow-offs and sheds water from the roof deck. This avoids issues in vulnerable areas like the eaves and peaks.


One of the most important things a roof should be able to do is breathe. Not literally, of course! What we mean is giving the structure the ability to reduce heat and moisture buildups that can lead to mold, deterioration, and even ice damming. This allows air to flow through the structure and better regulate temperature and moisture.

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