Frequently Asked Questions

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Most Frequent Questions and Answers

Some times, hail damage is very evident. But, that is not always the case. It is important, that your home is inspected immediately after a major storm because hail damage can occur with hail as little as 1″.


A prompt and thorough inspection is crucial if you expect to receive payment for roof repair or replacement. The majority of companies require that you submit your claim within one year of the storm date (date of loss); if your roof begins to leak after this limited claim period, many carriers may not cover the cost of repairs.


Our dedicated team offers free, no-obligation inspections and provides you with a fair and honest assessment.

Even if you’ve been told that your policy won’t cover certain roof repairs or replacement, you are entitled to a second opinion. If after our analysis we determine your property has storm damage, we will invite a representative back to your property to inspect the home alongside an XYZ Representative.


Our construction professionals have years of experience in the industry and will submit all necessary paperwork for your convenience.

A new roof is among the most powerful selling points when it comes to marketing your home to potential buyers. New homeowners must consider a wide variety of important factors when considering their options; a solid roofing system gives prospective buyers peace of mind and confidence that they’re making the right decision in purchasing your home.

Although the insurance claim process can be tedious, we specialize in storm damage restoration and will consult you on the process.


As part of our consultation and management process,  we intend on walking you through the entire process.


Our dedicated experts are experienced, qualified and committed to ensuring that our customers truly benefit from our services. We take the hassle and headache out of the process. From initial inspection to final completion and every step in between, we have the customer’s best interest at heart. This is only one part of our longstanding service guarantee.

Unfortunately, major storms (hail, wind, rain, etc) do not discriminate when it comes to roof damage. Even if your roof is only a year or two old, the damage sustained during a storm can easily cut its lifespan by more than half.


A comprehensive, risk-free inspection by our experienced roofing professionals will aid in determining the extent of any damage needing repair.

It is recommended to have your roof inspected after any major storm in your area.


Wood, asphalt or composite shingled roofs should be inspected every 3 years, and tile roofs can be inspected every 5 years.

Unlike damage caused by individual neglect (e.g., a kitchen fire caused by an unattended pan on the stove), hail and wind are environmental factors that are out of the home or business owner’s control. Most of the time rates go up for all homeowners within the affected area regardless of whether they individually filed a claim or not.

After a severe storm, it can be stressful to consider recovery. When it comes to the damage sustained by your property, we will be looking for damage that should be covered by your insurance.


After a thorough inspection by an XYZ representative, you will be provided with a detailed damage assessment; this information can be given to your insurance agent to verify coverage and schedule their representative to come out and meet with us to assess the damage.


It is our goal to provide a fair and honest damage assessment from a construction perspective to all of our customers. We pledge to work with you – as well as any insurance representative assigned to your claim – to ensure that we achieve that goal.

You might be surprised to find that even seemingly minor storms can cause significant damage to a commercial or residential roof. For example, hail measuring one inch in diameter can result in damage capable of reducing your roof’s lifespan by up to 15 years. Even smaller hail can do tremendous damage when paired with heavy winds. Studies indicate that roofs that are professionally inspected on a regular basis generally last approximately 50% longer than those left to chance without proper maintenance.