Roof Coating Restorations

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Roof Coating Restorations In McAllen, Harlingen, and Brownsville, TX – 100% Silicone

Silicone is a solvent free single component elastomeric waterproof 100% silicone coating with high solids content manufactured to provide long-lasting protection to your roof. It’s superior weathering and water resistant characteristics make Silicone the ultimate protection for ponding water.


• Prevents and Stops Leaks.

• Provides permanent waterproofing protection.

• Extends the life of your roof.

• Reduces electric energy consumption by making the air conditioning more efficient.

• Eliminates usage of emulsions and polyester.

• Optimal life expectancy to your roof by performing annual maintenance program.

• Powerful ponding water resistance.

• Avoid additional costs of replacing pre-existing membranes or coatings, as long s the membrane/coating is perfectly adhered.

UV and Weather Resistance

Silicone meets UV reflectivity requirements to form a high elastomeric roof coating that will not degrade, crack, and/or chalk under even an extreme UV exposure.

Our silicone coatings offer a superb defense against harmful sunlight, severe storms and high winds providing your roof superior weathering protection.

Thermotek Platinum Plus – 100% Acrylic

Water-based elastomeric acrylic roof-coating with high volume solids offering a high quality 100% acrylic resin. Low in VOC, non-flammable and with a high elongation percentage, THERMOTEK™ PLATINUM PLUS is a single component coating that exhibits tremendous adhesion to the substrate providing a total roof coating system.


• Reduces cooling costs

• Gives up to 88% of solar reflectance

• Resistant to acid rain and chemical pollutants in the air

• Dramatically decreases building temperatures (inside and outside)

• Meets V.O.C. regulations

• Non-toxic formulation

• Prolongs roof life