3 Issues That Can Arise if You Neglect Having Your Roof Repaired

If there’s one thing that we all hate to deal with, it’s having to repair or restore something in our home or business. The thing with these types of problems is that they should NEVER be ignored. Remember, a small imperfection or amount of damage will be less costly now than ignoring it and having it swell into a larger construction project.

This is especially true with a roof.

Our McAllen roofing company knows just how bad things can get when a roof’s issues are ignored. That small leak you’ve been dealing with for the past week can turn into a construction issue that may cost hundreds or thousands of dollars if ignored for too long. The same can go for missing/damaged shingles, damages caused by weather, etc.

Do the smart thing and get your roof repaired in McAllen today. Below, we’ll be going over three issues that can arise if you happen to neglect your damaged roof.

Water Damage

A water leak is perhaps the most common roof issue. After being exposed to Mother Nature’s forces for so long, a leak is bound to happen eventually! Roof areas where a leak has formed not only pose a problem for the structure’s stability but maybe even the entirety of the home or business itself.

Water leaks can cause the materials in the roof to rot, causing stability issues, ugly smells, etc. If a leak goes ignored for too long, the wood structure will weaken and weaken until it finally can’t support itself any longer. However, this can happen in a worst-case scenario, so if you’ve recently noticed leaking in your roof, get it taken care of as soon as possible.

Potential Health Risks

As we mentioned in our previous point, a high collection of water soaking into certain materials like wood can create a nasty problem in the form of mold or mildew. This wood can also completely rot away, allowing rodents like mice, rats, or even opossums to sneak into your attic or ceiling.

Rodents can create health problems due to the fecal matter they litter their surroundings with. And with mold and mildew, when ignored long enough, these two growths can cause respiratory issues with a home’s inhabitants or business’s visitors. On top of that, if a roof is finally replaced after a significant amount of time has passed, a home or business owner may also have to deal with mold remediation.

Structural Issues

Expanding further on our first point, given enough time, water damage can severely weaken a structure. A roof that’s become old, unstable, and unsafe can do much more than cause a big dent in your budget. Roof collapses due to water damage aren’t unheard of, and when one happens, not only will you have to contend with replacing your entire roof, but you’ll also have to deal with the additional damages done to your home or business.

Imagine a section of your roof collapsing. Not only will the attic or upper area suffer massive damage, but your ceiling and whichever room below said ceiling can also be left in shambles. Again, this is a worst-case scenario, but a very possible one.

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