3 Roof Maintenance Tips for this Fall from our McAllen Roofers

3 Roof Maintenance Tips for this Fall from our McAllen Roofers

The fall season begins September 21st and ends December 21st. With seasonal changes come fluctuations in the weather that can cause many sorts of problems for your home or business roof. If you haven’t inspected your roof in a while, you may be surprised by what is up there. Our McAllen roofing company want to share two tips that all home- and business owners should practice to keep their roofs in good condition.

Follow Safety Protocols

Be cautious when cleaning your roof on your own. Be sure to wear heavy-duty gloves and use a ladder and roof rakes. If you notice any damages like discoloration, missing or damaged shingles, or drooping areas, then reach out to our McAllen roofing company.

Look for Debris

Collect debris like leaves, twigs, and branches. This is important because removing it can help prevent potential rotting and storm damage. If left on the roof, residue can grow mildew, mold, and algae, ruining your roof’s shingles.

Clear Your Gutters

Clearing your gutters is also necessary since these systems direct water away from the roof and protect your structure’s foundation. Avoiding occasional cleaning can cause:

  • Water overflow
  • Added weight that can weaken gutters.
  • Damage to the roof trimming

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