3 Things You Should do to Prepare for Your Roof Inspection

3 Things You Should do to Prepare for Your Roof Inspection

So, you’ve made the wise choice of having our McAllen roofers stop by your home or business for an inspection. Good for you! You’re already one step closer to securing a strong and sturdy roof that’ll withstand Mother Nature’s wrath.

You can rest easy knowing that you’ll have a trusted and customer-centric company handling your needs. Now, you’ve more than likely received a date and time for an inspection, right? Here are three things you should do ahead of time to make your inspection a great experience.

Make Sure to be Available

This one goes without saying, but roof inspections aren’t a five-minute-long deal. They can take time and might involve answering a lot of questions. Be sure to be available when your inspection begins. Our roofing company in McAllen understands that you’re busy, but when it comes to inspecting a roof, we are very meticulous and take in every detail possible. Trust us, you’ll greatly benefit from having us scrutinize every inch of your roof.

Clear Any Possible Debris

Roofs of any type and design can collect a ridiculous amount of debris, especially if a home or business owner doesn’t maintain it well. Before your scheduled inspection, take a couple of hours to clean up as best you can. Remove leaves, twigs, and anything else that shouldn’t be up there. This will allow our McAllen roofers easier access to properly determine the extent of repair needed.

Photograph Any Damage

This one isn’t necessary, but it doesn’t hurt to take a few photos of any heavy-duty damages to your roof. These can include sagging, missing shingles, holes, etc. Photos can help our roofers see the damage up close, although they’ll more than likely climb up to see it for themselves. Nonetheless, doing this doesn’t hurt if you’d like to.

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