A Brief Overview of Our Dependable and Proven Roofing Systems in McAllen!

A Brief Overview of Our Dependable and Proven Roofing Systems in McAllen!

At XYZ Roofing and Restorations, we’ve earned a reputation for using dependable and proven roofing systems for homes and businesses in and around McAllen. Now, you may be thinking that your typical roofing project should be simple and quick. However, simple and quick roofing repairs and replacements only result in disappointed customers. Our customers mean too much to us, so we’d like to go over a few points on the systems we use and how they’re helpful. Check them out below!


A fully-sealed roof is the most important feature. Preventing rainwater, melted water from ice damming, and other types of moisture from leaking through shingles and entering the establishment saves you money in the long run. The damage resulting from these leaks can cause mold and mildew growth. And this growth can result in health issues for residents of a home or customers at a business. Our roofing systems ensure that leakage is prevented, thereby extending your roof’s life. 


Adding a tough, but beautiful, defense to your home or business with a solid roof is also important. By defending your roof with strong adhesion resistance that sheds rainwater and blow-offs lengthens your roof’s life. This can help with even the most vulnerable areas of a roof like the eaves and peaks.


Heat and moisture resistance go hand-in-hand for solid roofing systems. These types of resistance can prevent ice damming, mold infestations, and even deteriorations. And this can help with clearer air flows that manage moisture and temperature levels in attics.

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