All You Need to Know About Residential Roofs Harlingen Coating and Repair

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Does your roof need extra protection to endure the rainstorms and winter weather ahead? XYZ home restorations Harlingen offers two roof coating systems and a variety of repair services that will help keep your roof protected. Our roof coating systems include Thermotek X99 and Thermotek Platinum Plus. Learn more about how we help residential roofs in Harlingen. Learn more about our services below.

Thermotek X99

Thermotek X99 offers long-lasting protection! This roof coating system is UV and water-resistant, has a 100% silicone coating, and is solvent-free.

There are many advantages to using Thermotek X99:

  • Extends your roof’s life.
  • Stops and prevents leaks.
  • Reduces energy consumption.

Thermotek Platinum Plus

Thermotek Platinum Plus is a single-component coating known for its high elongation percentage. It is also a water-based elastomeric and 100% acrylic resin coating.

The perks of Thermotek Platinum Plus is that it:

  • Lowers cooling costs.
  • Prolongs a roof’s lifespan.
  • Has a non-toxic formulation.
  • Gives 88% of solar reflectance.
  • Is resistant to acid rain and chemical pollutants.
  • Reduces indoor and outdoor temperatures of buildings.

Day time view of top of a roof coating harlingen.

Choose our Repair Services

Our expert roofers are happy to offer roofing repair Harlingen to prevent further complications to residential roofs. We can help with damages caused by weather, disasters, and storms, such as:

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XYZ is in the top 1% of contractors in the nation with the prestigious title of Owens Corning Platinum Preferred Member! This means we may be able to insure up to one million dollars in general liability insurance.

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