Hurricane Roof Damage: Be Proactive in Making Repairs Now

Hurricane Hanna struck South Texas with a force in late July as a Category 1 storm, leaving many Rio Grande Valley residents without power, messy lawns, and worst of all, damaged roofs. If on the day after the storm, you walked out and saw that your roof was missing shingles, was sagging in parts, had a tree fall on it, or had holes, you probably shook your head and feared the cost of a repair.

Our McAllen roofing company wants you to know that we’re ready to roll up our sleeves and get to work on repairing your roof. If you’re planning on putting off repairs, don’t! You might be dealing with some ugly issues in the future, like the ones below.

Leaks, Ugly Smells, and Weak Wood

Leaky roofs are very common in homes and businesses. They can be annoying, and if they’re small, you might be thinking that placing a bucket underneath them to collect rainwater is a good enough solution. This couldn’t be further from the truth.

Think of a roof leak like being a bad cut on your arm. If you ignore it, it can get infected, become even more painful than what it is, and cost you a lot in medical bills when you finally get it treated. The same goes for a roof.

A leak, though small at first, will eventually grow and grow until you have a steam of water dripping each time it rains. Worse, the water leaking through your attic area can collect, creating moldy growths, foul smells, and weakened wood. When you finally decide to get it looked at, it can cost you so much more to repair now than if you’ve done it then.

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