Summer Heatwaves: Being Proactive to Prevent Roofing Damage

Summer Heatwaves: Being Proactive to Prevent Roofing Damage

We’re well into the summer season, and in South Texas, that means sky-high temperatures and blazing sunlight almost every day. We can’t stress enough the importance of protecting yourself, and we also want to extend that concern to your home or business. Extreme heat and sunlight can take a toll on a roof, especially one that’s several years old. Let’s explore how.

The Shingles

Shingled roofs can show heat damage much more noticeably than other roof types. Be on the lookout for:

  • Warped/curled shingles
  • Discolored shingles
  • Cracked/flaky shingles

One way to prevent this problem is through good ventilation in your attic or ceiling area. When heat collects in this part of the house or business, pressure can increase, thereby warping the wood and other materials that make up the roof. Ventilation is something that our roofing company can help you with, so be sure to ask us about it.

Although preventing direct sunlight from striking your roof is next to impossible, what you can do instead is have your structure inspected often by our roofing company in McAllen. That way, we can provide you with tips and/or services that will prolong your roof’s life.

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